I'm Josh H, owner of Beat The Fish.

I launched Beat The Fish in 2005 with one goal in mind: help fellow poker players make better choices.

  • Help players make better choices at the tables to finally beat the fish.
  • Help players make better choices when choosing where to take their hard-earned bankrolls.
  • Help players make better choices that fit their strengths as a player and priorities as an online poker consumer.

Information is powerful.

传奇sfBefore you give your bankroll a new home or play another hand at your current one, I hope to provide some piece of information from my experiences that makes you a better player.


Josh H

Josh H

Owner and Editor in Chief

传奇sfJosh is a lifelong (can you play poker in diapers?) poker player who moved online in 2004. He created Beat The Fish in 2005 to help fellow frustrated online poker players choose the right poker site for their strengths and then how to win consistently once they got there.


Beat The Fish has been featured in a number of poker and traditional media outlets, such as the following.

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About Beat The Fish

I came across Beat The Fish, which has all I need for now to make the transition from fish to player. The information is well structured and easy to follow. I've read your ebooks and they are a great foundation for learning to play a more structured game.

About Beat The Fish
Beat The Fish Testimonial

Paul Shepherd

About Beat The Fish

I'm impressed by not only the content but that so far it seems like you are following your mission statement and that in itself is a major accomplishment. Your content is very thorough. You appear sincere and devoted to your mission and love the name BTF.

About Beat The Fish
Testimonial from a Real Player

Carl Tolliver

About Beat The Fish

Your thoughts on position play and starting hands helped me the most. I really love your poker site reviews. I just wanted to compliment you on your style of writing when you cover the games. It's easy to read, right to the point.

About Beat The Fish
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